Cast away Bracelet

TiPi and the MooN

Cast away Bracelet


Our Lost & Found Collection is about the spirit of the open road and the beauty of the ocean.
We source ancient and rare pieces or coins, stones and shells and we re-create designs with them to make modern-day, wearable art. Each piece is made by hand, combining unique jewelry elements and traditionally handcrafted amulets. 

This piece is created using, coconut beads, shells and Kuchi* bells, finished with a sterling silver (925) lock.

Please note this item is hand crafted with vintage items. Coins and engravings are not perfect or symmetrical. These are not faults or imperfections, they tell the story of the history and traditions in which they originate from, and should be embraced.

* Kuchi, means 'migration' in the Dari (Persian) language. They are the nomads and semi-nomads from Afghanistan.The jewelry of these wandering peoples incorporates design elements from many cultures including those of India, the Middle East, Central Asia and the tribal areas of the former Soviet Union.