Magic gemstone Mix
Magic gemstone Mix
Magic gemstone Mix

Tipi and the Moon

Magic gemstone Mix


Crystals and gemstones are used not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their unique healing properties. TiPi and the MooN believes in the positive and protective energies that they radiate…

Each stone is unique & beautiful. They come in a handmade drawstring bag for safe keeping and a stone meanings card.

Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection that is also very stabilizing and grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. It can also help one see clearly without illusion.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience.

Rock crystal quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones. It is very suitable for healing wounds that originate in the past, like for example those impressed in a troublesome childhood. Rock crystal helps with improving self-respect. This wonderful crystal also possesses the ability of accommodating and incorporating the other crystals’ energy.

Dumortierite is a stone of order. It is used to enhance self-discipline, organizational abilities, and orderliness. It can release fear and bring courage and peace to one's life. It is also acts as a booster for creativity and expression.

Agate's most noticeable properties are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming. Historically it was placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness.