Hello beautiful souls,

My name is Ine, creator of TiPi and the MooN. I’m a home ware & jewelry designer, a painter-illustrator and a regular wanderer with a talent for capturing the beauty of the casual moment.

About Tipi and the MooN


I have always seen jewelry as wearable art. Each piece is unique to its wearer. During my discovery of Central America I became increasingly fascinated by the extraordinary role jewelry plays in different cultures.
While traveling, I collected a lot of gemstones, shells, feathers and beads. Some of these treasures still feature in my designs today.
Every time I make something, it takes my time and love of creating. I see this as a little piece of me going out into the world.

I hope you'll love my treasures as much as I loved creating them. If you would like to know more about my little label or myself, feel free to contact me at

Lot’s of love