Something about freshwater pearls

It is no secret that pearl jewelry has been loved for generations.
Wear them alone, or mix them for a fun & unique look. Each item in the collection is one-of-a-kind.

Freshwater pearls are as the name suggests, pearls which form in freshwater environments: think lakes, riverbeds and creek bottoms.
They are the most commonly produced types of pearls
, and are a favorite with jewelry designers and collectors alike. 
Over 90% of freshwater pearls are known as baroque pearls. This means they have an irregular shape, the most abundant type. The unique shapes and colors they produce make them a dazzling addition to any jewelry box.

Pearls became more widely available when a way of creating them was discovered in 1893. Since then, saltwater and freshwater pearls have been widely included in jewelry and fashion, for everyone to enjoy. Once the tissue has been inserted, a sac forms and cells begin secreting nacre (over the course of 2 to 7 years), forming a calcium-carbonate compound - a pearl.

As always the pieces are crafted with passion, precision, and an eye for elegance, designed to escape the ordinary.
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