Carnival Hoops

Carnival Hoops

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Over the rainbow

At an unknown, hypothetical, or very distant place. adverb.

Look for the colorful things in life that brings you joy.
I created a vibrant bright new jewelry collection with playful grown-up aesthetics. Experimenting with sparkling crystals, seed beads, semi-precious stones, pearls and some unique glass beads.

This new season brings some fresh perspectives and a lot of pieces to play with — after all, we're heading to the colder months, so let me present you some new styles and attention-grabbing accessories.
Hope this new collection puts a smile on your face. Happy jewelry hunting to you all.

Details: - African trade beads
              - Natural stones
              - Stainless steel

Please note: All pieces are handcrafted. No two items are exactly the same. There are slight variations due to the individuality of each piece.